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Welcome to the YASW Job Board  

We recognize that many of our alumni and others in our extended network may be searching for a job, and we are therefore looking to create awareness for available positions in various fields. Working together, we can fulfill the words of the Rambam, who states that the highest form of Tzedaka is assisting someone in acquiring a job that they can be self sufficient. At the bottom of this page you can view some of our success stories.

Please do your part by submitting open jobs you are aware of by clicking the “add a job” button at the top of this page, or email careers@yasw.org for support.


Job Seekers

We are here to help you find the best fit based on your skills, passions and needs. Please browse the jobs listed below, and apply to the ones that are a match. Don’t hesitate to email us at careers@yasw.org, and request to speak with one of our staffing experts.


 Success Stories

 YASW has been fortunate to see instant success from the launch of the new job board. Read more below, and please submit your own job placement stories to careers@yasw.org

 12-27-2014 Yitzy Nadoff

I went to a friend recently for desert on Friday night, I walk into his house and his wife turns to me and said “perfect timing, we were just going around the table and telling one another some special things that happened to us this week. And I’ll say yours for you.” I thought to myself what can she possibly say already so I told her to go ahead. She says, “Yitzy got a job this week, but that is not the special part. The special part of it is how they found the job. Some people at his old yeshiva in Waterbury actually cared enough about him that when they heard he was looking for a job they decided to help him find one, and that is beautiful.” Not only did YASW Job Board staff find me a job for which I am truly grateful, they did it in such a way that everyone I tell the story too is amazed about how wonderful the people in the Waterbury Yeshiva are. That is worth more than the job itself.   


Hi Yisroel Moshe,
My name is _______ and i am currently working at Choice Home Warranty, thanks to the efforts of Simcha Schick. He told me, that this would not be possible without your efforts in introducing him to this company. In essence i would like to thank you for getting me this position.
All the best,