Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in making a donation to

 Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury.

   Your generosity makes a difference.



          On a quiet street in downtown Waterbury, the intense hum of the mesivta, beis medrash and kollel studying fervently reverberates off the walls of the large bais medrash.

          The Talmud teaches that the merit of Torah learning is greater than all of the other mitzvos combined. This merit is not only referring to those who actually learn Torah, but to those who support its learning as well. Imagine the power of one day’s Torah learning in Waterbury, CT; the young men in the bais medrash as they learn with tremendous toil and effort, delving into a mind boggling piece of gemara. Imagine that the power of all that learning can be dedicated to benefit or honor a loved one.

          Participating in this unique opportunity not only allows one to support our Yeshiva, but also affords one the opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one in a very powerful way. By sponsoring a day of learning in memory, honor, or in the z’chus Refuah Shelaima of a loved one, one can partake in the learning of over 200 students at Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury. Each day’s dedications are prominently displayed on a plaque on our Parnes HaYom board.